Allen Erwin: Vice President


Current Position: Vice President

Work Experience
Senior Property Manager (1985 – 1998)
Office Administrator (1990 – present)
Real Estate Associate (obtained 1984)
Information Technology Manager (1998-Present)

Main Responsibilities
Accounting Management
Internal Audit
Office Administration
Network Administrator – Yardi, SQL database
Insurance Administrator

Previous Experience
Sales Associate, Merrill Lynch
Manager, Aerobics & Nautilus Plus
Sales, Vacations International

Business & Professional Affiliations
Member Burbank / Glendale MLS

Detroit Business Institute (1975 – 1977)

“More than ever before, investors and owners must use great care in selecting a professional management team for their properties. We have proven capabilities in meeting your objectives. When you select us to mange your property, you know you are in good hands.”

A. Erwin